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"We are a family-owned & operated company, committed to providing top quality residential & commercial Tree service. We have been proudly serving Houston, TX and all surrounding areas for over 20 yrs. We are fully insured for your protection, offer FREE estimates, emergency service and senior discounts. We specialized on tree removals, tree trimming, tree pruning, hazardous removals, tree topping, tree shaping, diagnosis, feeding/spraying, stump grinding, and roof / gutters clean up. With Tree Climbers your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We are available 24/7 for any emergency situation and accept all mayor credit cards and personal checks."

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Name: Betsy Reazola-Avalos
Rating: 5
Review: Joel and his crew trimmed several of my overgrown tree branches at a very reasonable price. These branches were covering my entire driveway and front lawn. They were almost touching the ground. When they were done, they cleaned up the mess and hauled away the debris. They even cleaned my neighbor's driveway. Awesome service, courteous staff, professionalism, and reasonable prices. What more could you ask for. Thanks Joel for everything!
Date: 6 years ago

Name: Leslie Amaya
Rating: 5
Review: I wanted to share how amazing my experience has been with this company. I've been a customer for some time now and I love how my trees look after they get treated, they've been pruned/trimmed to keep them at their healthiest. Joel and his crew even sprayed them for me as they were growing fungus! I would have had no idea. They are tree experts and have always worked with me and given me an affordable price. The job is always done in a timely and professional manner. I'm very happy with them and HIGHLY recommend them!
Date: 3 years ago

Name: Jazz Dancer
Rating: 5
Review: The owner, Joel, is extremely knowledgeable with decades of experience. He and his crewtreated my yard like it was their own. Joel suggested ideas to make the trees look their best which I appreciated. The office manager was kind and professional too. I am completely satisfied with their service and would refer them to businesses and residential jobs.
Date: 3 years ago

Name: Brian Hoss
Rating: 5
Review: Finding someone willing and able to trim our many trees (in front and back) without spending thousands a dollars seemed like it wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, our neighbor turned us on to Tree Climbers. They were able to come, do the assessment and calculate the price the same day I called. The next day, they contacted me with the scheduled day the following week. I had first called on a Thursday and they came to do the work the following Tuesday. They worked a solid four hours getting everything done (trimming about 6-8 massive trees, shredding and hauling away the debris) that Joel and I had discussed. I would not hesitate to recommend them or call them again when needed.
Date: 4 years ago

Name: Cathi Nelson
Rating: 5
Review: I had Joel come out after the storms in April and remove 3 trees. I thought the backyard would be a mud put since the ground was so saturated - I was wrong. Excellent job, stumps cut low like I asked, hauled everything off and a good price. I called him back this week to chip some branches I had cut from a tree hanging over my driveway. Again, excellent, good price and not even a small limb on my ground. I would recommend then and I will use them in the future..
Date: 7 years ago

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Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut down a tree by myself?

It is not always safe to cut down a tree yourself, and only a few situations allow you to cut a tree. For example, you can cut a tree if it is not so long and doesn't require a ladder to climb. Moreover, you can also cut a tree that is easygoing and breaks easily without hurting you.

How do you calculate the cost of cutting down a tree?

Tree Removal Cost per Foot For small trees up to 30 feet tall, the removal cost will be $150 to $400. The next size is the medium tree, which is about 30-60 feet and costs $450-$700. If a tree is taller than 60 feet but less than100, it will cost you $900-$1200 to remove.

What time of year is cheapest for tree removal?

The coldest months—specifically February or March—are actually the best and, overall, the cheapest time to remove trees. Winter tends to bring outdoor projects to a screeching halt, but tree removal plays by a different set of rules.

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems?

When trees have died or have been removed, the roots that remain under or near a foundation can create problems. As the root system begins to rot and decay, air spaces and gaps occur in the soil to replace the roots. This results in a soil that can shift to fill the void.

Should I remove the tree next to my house?

If it looks like it's dying or near the end of its life already, consider removing it soon. If it is dangerously leaning over your home and causes you to worry with every storm, take it out and know that some settlement may occur. If it is ugly and you hate it and it's causing too many problems, take it out.

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