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2610 Woodsdale Blvd
TX 77038

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Rating: 4.8 Stars

Name: Tarra Pitts
Rating: 5
Review: I would recommend him to anybody they are very professional, they provide good work or fast on time. Quickly respond to text and or voicemails. This is the second time he has been out and both times I have been extremely pleased if you need trees taken down or stumps grounded this is your company. On top of that yesterday he saved some baby squirrels that I got to take him to Texas park and wildlife today. Some of the pictures are after, but if you zoom in, you can see where the dirt is a little bit higher where they took down trees.Services: Tree stump grinding, Cabling & bracing, Tree stump removal, Tree trimming & pruning, Tree removal
Date: 3 months ago

Name: Rachel Silva
Rating: 5
Review: Nestor cleared and cut trees on our property and he did an awesome job. I truly recommend his work. He is an honest man with a big heart.
Date: a year ago

Name: John Sweney
Rating: 5
Review: Nestor, his dad and his brother showed up exactly on time and removed a dead palm tree. They were finished within 45 minutes, including all cleanup of the site AND the street. Good work for reasonable cost! We will call on them again! Service: Tree removal
Date: 2 years ago

Name: Krista Caldwell
Rating: 5
Review: Nester Tafoya and his team came to remove a huge stump on the side of our driveway. He was quick, reasonably priced, professional and dependable. I would highly recommend him. It will save you time, money, and backaches and blisters from trying to do it yourself. So happy we called him. Before and after photos below. This stump was hugeService: Tree stump removal
Date: 3 years ago

Name: Connie Monroe
Rating: 5
Review: He's done it again! This is the second time we used Tafoya's Tree Service within the last 6 months. 5+ Star Service every time~ From a HUGE job down to a small job, they did more than I could ever imagine. Nestor can see something I could only imagine and bring it to life. We needed a to cut some trees down along with grinding down stumps that would be left behind. He and his team started bright and early and were done before lunch!Again, this is the second time we use their services and we can never complain. Reasonably priced for immaculate service and we will continue to hire Tafoya's Tree Service for any of our tree/land clearing needs! Thanks again guys!Services: Tree stump grinding, Tree stump removal, Tree trimming & pruning, Tree removal
Date: 7 months ago

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Tree Removal FAQs

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump in Houston?

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump in Houston? Stump removal, on the other hand, is a harder process because of the roots and the circumference of the stump. This will cost between $350 and $400, though it will take less time to do than grinding the stump down to wood chips.

Do you need a permit to remove a tree in Houston?

Permit must be kept on premises and publicly posted 20 days before tree removal or trimming. Fees vary depending upon the size and location of tree. The requirements for commercial properties and parking lots are more specific in regards to trees and shrubs, and the ordinance is available for clarification.

What is the difference between a forester and an arborist?

What is the difference between a forester and an arborist?ARBORISTS: An arborist is basically a tree trimmer. If you are not trimming trees, then you are treating them or selling products that do exactly that. FORESTERS: Foresters are more about harvesting timber. If not harvesting timber, it will be about conserving the environment.

What is the best month to cut down a tree?

What is the best month to cut down a tree?February and March tend to be the cheapest months to remove trees, statistically. Since the leaves have fallen and trees are easier to clear, it means less work and less money.

How much of a tree can you remove before it dies?

How much of a tree can you remove before it dies?Don't Over-Prune Trees You may be tempted to prune your trees back to a great extent to provide more growing space for the grass or other plants. However, over-pruning is very unhealthy and can actually kill a plant. As a general rule, don't prune off more than 15% of the foliage.

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