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336 McFarland Rd
TX 77060

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"SavATree was founded by Ralph Robbins in 1978 with a single objective in mind; to save trees from the devastating effects of repeated defoliations by the Gypsy Moth Caterpillar (Lymantria dispar). While this moth was accidentally introduced into the United States by French entomologist Leopold Trouvelot in 1868, it was not until the late 1970’s that the population exploded in the Northeast. Ralph, a graduate of Paul Smith’s college and entrepreneur at heart, saw an opportunity to make a difference in support of tree preservation and care."

Rating: 4.4 Stars

Name: Sarah Moore
Rating: 5
Review: I have followed Justin Henley from his other company and he was very knowledgeable then. Now that he is a certified arborist and has gone with SavATree I had to call on him again. We have tall pine trees next to our house and had beetles that killed one of them he immediately contacted me back and was out the next day. He assessed our situation and had our one tree removed and the other pines treated. So far he caught it in time as we love our trees. Thank you SavATree for sending out a great professional crew and leader of the pack Justin. His immediate response saved my house and cancelled our fears. I’d recommend SavATree and Justin any day
Date: 3 weeks ago

Name: George E Anderson-Wood
Rating: 5
Review: My arborist William Marcum at SavATree immediately answered my cry for help with the removal of a dead pine tree that was very close to my home. The crew very efficiently and safely cut it down without a problem. The stump was then ground down below ground level after the City marked the lines. I highly recommend SavATree for tree removal that is done in a very professional manner. My arborist and the assistants in the office was attentive to my questions and concerns. Thank you to SavATree for a job well done.
Date: 2 months ago

Name: Beth Barrette
Rating: 5
Review: Justin Henley has quickly become a valued member of our home's support family! He treats our trees as if they were his own and knowledgeably guides us into better caring for our trees' health and longevity...understanding their complexity and many gifts to our natural environment here. Very grateful for his wisdom and expertise!
Date: a week ago

Name: John A
Rating: 5
Review: Justin came to review the situation with possible tree pruning. He was very knowledgeable and thorough with explaining what was OK and in several cases what was not prudent for tree protection. The crew followed his instructions and the trees are looking much better. I will call Justin if we ever need more tree treatments.
Date: 2 weeks ago

Name: Patricia Fisher
Rating: 5
Review: Justin consulted with me regarding a damaged tree root system and various other issues. His knowledge and explanation of the necessary treatment was extremely helpful.He called before his arrival and kept his appointed time.I have used Justin's services in the past and can rely on his recommendations and feel a sense of relief with those recommendations.
Date: 6 days ago

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Tree Removal FAQs

Can I cut down a tree by myself?

It is not always safe to cut down a tree yourself, and only a few situations allow you to cut a tree. For example, you can cut a tree if it is not so long and doesn't require a ladder to climb. Moreover, you can also cut a tree that is easygoing and breaks easily without hurting you.

How do you calculate the cost of cutting down a tree?

Tree Removal Cost per Foot For small trees up to 30 feet tall, the removal cost will be $150 to $400. The next size is the medium tree, which is about 30-60 feet and costs $450-$700. If a tree is taller than 60 feet but less than100, it will cost you $900-$1200 to remove.

What time of year is cheapest for tree removal?

The coldest months—specifically February or March—are actually the best and, overall, the cheapest time to remove trees. Winter tends to bring outdoor projects to a screeching halt, but tree removal plays by a different set of rules.

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems?

When trees have died or have been removed, the roots that remain under or near a foundation can create problems. As the root system begins to rot and decay, air spaces and gaps occur in the soil to replace the roots. This results in a soil that can shift to fill the void.

Should I remove the tree next to my house?

If it looks like it's dying or near the end of its life already, consider removing it soon. If it is dangerously leaning over your home and causes you to worry with every storm, take it out and know that some settlement may occur. If it is ugly and you hate it and it's causing too many problems, take it out.

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